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All About Ronda

Ronda Foley, PA-C
Face Time with Ronda Foley, PA-C

Ronda is a Physician Assistant with 35 plus years of healthcare experience. In 2006 she founded, owned and operated Te’ Bella MedSpa in Omaha, NE for five years. Te’ Bella became Allergan’s number one account in Omaha for Botox and fillers in just three short years. This success is due to Ronda’s philosophy of treating people with respect, to be fair and to be honest.  


She sold the business to LifeTime Fitness, Inc. in 2011. This merger allowed Ronda more time with her aesthetic clients and to educate others on injectables and injection techniques. 

In 2017 Ronda branched out on her own to create a home office. This was an opportunity to be private, exclusive and to be more convenient for her clients.  


Ronda brings over a decade of proven experience. It is her warmth, honesty, integrity, and eye for detail that sets Ronda aside as unique in the Aesthetic Medicine industry. Ronda has a gentle approach and finds joy in assisting clients in obtaining their individual goals. 

Her philosophy is to improve one's look without changing their appearance. Her mastery of dermal fillers and neurotoxins makes this a reality. 


She is a top Trainer for Aesthetic Injections for Allergan Cosmetic and a certified National trainer for Allergan Medical Institute. She has been training healthcare professionals throughout the Midwest on new and advanced injection techniques since 2009. Ronda’s passion for teaching others is the key to ensuring all clients get the very best results.  

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