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Aesthetic Training & Coaching

Face Time with Ronda

Ronda Foley PA-C

Training Update

I am referring my new training inquiries to

Go to training and then sign up for Course Number 1, which will give you an excellent anatomy review to get you started. Then sign up for Course 2, "Teaching Your Brain to Inject."

There must be a good foundation before hands-on, and this is the place to do it. You will feel more confident as you do start to inject.

They do a wonderful online/virtual didactic with Kevin Harrington or one of the other instructors, including myself. After you go through the didactic course, you will be ready for the hands-on, and I will be happy to help with that. 

My good friend Mary Beth Hagen owns the company. She is all about helping non-physician injectors be the best and safest.

The program is an investment in yourself and your future as an aesthetic injector.

Learn from the Best


Ronda has been educating health professionals on aesthetic injections since 2009. She is proud to have the reputation as one of the leading injection trainers in the Midwest.


Training with Ronda offers extensive hands-on training with a ratio of one instructor to three injectors; this is not an observation class, participants will spend the majority of their time injecting, allowing you to leave feeling more confident in your injections skills. Ronda will also give you valuable insight on the aesthetic business including marketing strategies to reach potential patients. 

Experience the Difference

Ronda's Aesthetic Training & Coaching  



  • Learn what kind of wrinkles can be improved by Botox

  • Understand Botox storage, reconstitution, and injection techniques

  • Understand the science of beauty with the  combination of Botox and dermal fillers

  • Provide intensive hands-on approach

  • Understand the underlying muscle structure

  • Know the difference between hyper-functional, dynamic and static wrinkles​

  • ​​Learn the art of proportions and how fillers can restore lost volume

  • Learn on and off-label usage of dermal fillers

  • Provide intensive hands-on approach

  • Understand the underlying anatomy as it pertains to fillers

  • Learn what NOT to do if complications arise

  • Gain valuable insight on aesthetic business approach including marketing strategies to reach potential patients

Ronda Foley, PA-C can customize a training package to fit your needs.

For further information please request a consultation online or call/text her at 402-740-0563.

Thank you! Your message has been sent to Ronda.

Premier Beauty Expert, Ronda Foley PA-C is a Certified Trainer and Master Injectionist with the Allergan Medical Institute. With over 11 years of experience in collaborating with medical providers, Ronda brings a high level of expertise to this field, therefore, ensuring accurate training of all the newest and most innovative procedures in today's medical cosmetic practices.


Ronda enjoys the opportunity to educate and personally train those who are new to introducing injection procedures in their practices. Ronda also offers training to nurses, physicians, and mid-level medical professionals who wish to stay current on techniques with a customized program that fits their needs as well their busy schedule. 


Instilling confidence in her trainees while ensuring reliable, positive aesthetic outcomes is what truly drives Ronda. She believes it is crucial that all medical professionals stay equipped with information for safe and precise injection practices. 

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