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Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Welcome to the first Face Time with Ronda blog. Some of you have found me over this past year at my home office, and some of you have not yet been able to connect with me. I enjoy seeing both old and new friends/clients. For those of you who would like to reconnect I hope to see you soon. As always, I do Botox and Fillers but to look at all my services please see my new website and follow me on Facebook.

This past year has been a wonderful journey in trying to create an environment that my clients will appreciate.  I feel I have created a private and comfortable atmosphere.  I have made appointment scheduling easy with just a text, phone call or an email directly to me. I am always compelled to continue to learn, and I am always excited to share my discoveries with you. This monthly blog helps me communicate some of the latest techniques and treatments I am offering. I will also convey product information and news from the aesthetic industry as I attend training and conferences.

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